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Thursday, 22 Feb 2018

About Us

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Company Overview

TNA Media was established in June 2010 and released its first publication The New Age on 6 December 2010. The New Age is a national daily newspaper covering news from all nine provinces.

It is affordable (R3.50), relevant, easy to read and to the point. Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd. which publishes the world’s largest English daily newspaper, The Times of India (TOI), is an important investor and strategic partner. Drawing from their rich experience after 172 years in the newspaper business and managing the printing of four million plus copies each day, they are advising and supporting TNA Media in all areas of its operations. The New Age comprises of 32 full colour pages printed in the International broadsheet format.

The first sixteen page section covers headline news; provincial news; Africa and International news; entertainment and sports pages. The second sixteen page section will cover business news; labour; financial data; classifieds; further provincial news; features and lifestyle.

The paper is being printed in three different locations and distributed by the country’s leading distributor, reaching all corners of the country.


To connect and inform communities across a united South Africa



· To connect and inform communities across a united South Africa

· To establish a quality daily national newspaper that is affordable, relevant, easy to read and to the point

· To present a wide range of news and information in a bold, accurate and balanced manner

· To be critical, but fair and constructive

· To raise the level of awareness and consciousness around issues affecting the people of South Africa

· To celebrate the achievements of a united South Africa

· To deliver and to exceed the expectations of all stakeholders in the enterprise

· To increase readership and promote a culture of reading


Editorial Guidelines

In striving towards the vision and while delivering on the goals as laid out in the Company’s Mission Statement, we will always be guided as follows:

· We will act with Integrity and base our reports on available evidence, facts and reliable sources.

· We will use professional discretion in determining what is relevant and what is not.

· We will not be afraid of controversy.

· We will not be prescriptive or judgmental.

· We will continuously seek a wide range of opinions and remain open minded.

· We will endeavor to engage parties to a story so as to establish the truth and to provide balanced reporting.

· We will not be unduly influenced in our reporting by any sectorial interest.



Board of Directors

Nazeem Howa – Director

Gary Naidoo  – Director