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Thursday, 22 Feb 2018

2011-04-12: The New Age growing from strength to strength

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The New Age, South Africa’s newest national daily, is only 18 weeks old but is already making an impact on the media landscape. This newspaper launched in December, normally regarded as a quiet time for media. However, this launch date offered The New Age the opportunity to overcome its teething problems while our key competitors were in holiday mood.

All stakeholders are pleased with the newspaper’s performance in the first quarter of 2011. The New Age is now available at all leading retailers and growing steadily in terms of circulation, subscriptions and advertising revenue.

The New Age covers breaking news, politics, sport, business, entertainment and lifestyle, all in a distinctive signature voice: an optimistic, youthful voice that empowers individual young South Africans. At the heart of The New Age is an uplifting form of journalism focused on the success of our readers.

The key editorial thrust for the first quarter of 2011 was to offer readers added value in the form of weekly supplements and features.

The New Age has successfully launched the following supplements and features:


TNA At the Races

A daily feature for the horse racing enthusiast, including results and tips.

Every Monday:

TNA Careers

A much-needed career portal, considering the high levels of unemployment. This feature covers career advice and job classifieds.

Every Tuesday:

TNA Labour Matters

The Labour Matters page addresses the goings on in the world of trade unions. The page explores issues that are related to the labour market: from where jobs are being created (or lost) to what unions are fighting for on the shop floor. The page also looks at areas of labour law and industrial relations in both the public and private sectors. Labour Matters reaches out to unions across the political spectrum and examines skills development and labour economics.

Every Wednesday:

TNA Learn Xtra

This two-page learning guide is compiled by Mindset Learn for Grade 11 and 12 pupils and features curriculum-aligned lessons and exercises.

TNA You & Your Money

This section is designed to help readers navigate the management of finances: from savings and investments to budgeting and retirement planning.

You & Your Money helps readers stay abreast of developments in areas such as insurance as well as laws and regulations that govern debt and consumer rights regarding financial services.

You and Your Money  is aimed at readers with incomes that range from modest to middle and high, and helps them choose from the range of products that is available in the market.

Every Thursday:

TNA On the Road

TNA On the Road covers the full spectrum of motoring, from new model introductions to driving impressions of new and used cars, interviews with industry leaders, coverage of developments in the commercial vehicle market, and motor sport. It offers advice, opinions and recommendations for those in the market for their first car, a pre-owned model or the latest high-tech arrival. On the Road also looks at vehicle modifications, including tuning a car for speed or better fuel economy.

SMME & Franchising

The SMME & Franchising section covers all aspects of setting up and running a small business, including opportunities that are available to small-business owners. From government procurement spending to enterprise development initiatives by large corporates, the section gives readers information from tips on starting a business to inspirational success stories. The section covers areas of policy and legislation that directly affect small businesses. Be it the annual budget, the New Growth Path, or the Department of Trade and Industry’s strategy, readers are provided with information not just on how to access finance from government agencies such as the NEF and the IDC, or private institutions such as banks, but also on  accessing non-financial support in areas such as marketing and promotion.

On Fridays:

TNA Woza!ife

Woza!ife is a trendy supplement that targets all individuals who have a zest for life, enjoy all forms of entertainment and aspire to being seen at the hottest restaurants, bars and clubs. Woza!ife brings the reader fashion trends and juicy gossip, as well as Life & Style tips to help them to live a better life.

TNA On the Go

This travel feature compiled by Travelgurus offers useful travel snippets and exciting travel destinations, locally and abroad.

We invite companies and organisations to join in the fun and excitement as The New Age builds from strength to strength. As a vibrant, new kid on the block we promise our total commitment in helping our clients achieve their marketing objectives.