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Thursday, 22 Feb 2018


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Where is the paper based?



Where is the paper printed?

Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban


Who prints the paper? How is the paper be distributed?

The paper is printed on the most modern, full color presses in three different locations. A contract to this effect has been signed. Distribution is outsourced to the country’s leading media distributor, to reach the whole country.

What is your circulation?

The newspaper has an initial daily print run of 170,000 copies.

Who is your target market?

Our policy of affordability is aimed at increasing the target audience, so we focus beyond the traditional LSM 6‐10 segment, and try to attract aspirational readers from LSM 4 & 5 segment.

Why did you choose the “international broadsheet” format when all other publications are available in broadsheet or tabloid?

Easy-reading for people on the move


A journal called New Age existed in the 1960s, and included Walter Sisulu and Albie Sachs on its staff. Any relation?

This is merely coincidental

What specific gap in the market have you identified for the new publication?

The product is GLONAREGICAL – global; national; regional and local ‐ covering all 9 provinces in one product. It is affordable (R3.50), relevant, easy to read and to the point. There is certainly a gap in the South African market place for a new, fresh, innovative and critically constructive national daily newspaper. Advertising space is sold per square centimetre as opposed to column centimetre, giving advertisers a lot more flexibility in the size of their advertisements.

How do your advertising rates compare with existing and established publications?

With a daily print run of 170,000 per day and a national distribution in all major metropolitan as well as upcountry locations, we believe that we have a very attractive value proposition to our potential advertisers. TNA provides them a platform to broadcast a single message to the whole of South Africa or tailor it to target specific regional or local focus areas. No other daily publication can provide this single platform today. Our rates are competitive with publications of similar distribution while adding the GLONAREGICAL value component.

With the advent of the internet is the printed paper’s life not coming to an end?

Print media has been the preferred method of news dissemination for centuries and will certainly not disappear for many years to come. There is no denying the fact that the Internet is fast becoming a real contender for alternative media source of choice to consumers. The fact that internet penetration at home level is still quite small in South Africa does limit this medium still. However, TNA is available in an online version and this is a strategic focus area for us immediately as well as for the future. We may have joined the industry recently, but due to our technological positioning, we hope to lead the way for the industry going forward.

Do you want to switch readers from their current daily newspaper to this one, or are you trying to recruit new readers?

We strive to deliver a quality product that is relevant, innovative and exciting to its readers making it a very real possibility that readers will indeed churn from other publications to TNA. With our policy of affordability we aim to also increase the base of readership by offering a quality read at an affordable price, thus growing a culture of reading in South Africa.

This Day folded within a year, why will this not happen TNA?

From the detailed feasibility study that we have conducted, it has become quite clear that there is indeed a gap in the market for an innovative daily newspaper that can provide a fresh perspective to the South African media landscape. With sufficient funding in place to ensure that the paper is sustained through the initial launch period we believe that we will be able to sustain the venture until it becomes self sufficient. The product itself is based on an international broadsheet giving our readers a newspaper that is affordable at R3.50, relevant, easy to read and to the point – all of which will lead us to success.


Is this paper affiliated to the ANC?

No. We need to change the perception of negativity here. South Africa has so much to offer, the cake is very big and the government, as well as the private sector and civil society have a role to play in making South Africa all it can be. And in that sense, yes, we are broadly supportive of the government at all three spheres of government. But we will be constructively critical.



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